How to sell

In order to put your car wash up for sale on, contact us.

We have prepared the following suggestions for cooperation:

Option A:

  1. Entrust the team of with the sale of your car wash. Our staff will quote your localisation and possible repairs, which in conjunction with an additional warranty will make your offer more attractive and increase the value of the sale.
  2. takes over the sale of your car wash on an exclusive basis. We will deal with the repairs and cover the equipment with a warranty. Our staff will prepare any documents necessary to create the best offer, and find investors interested in the purchase. The term of the agreement is 6 months.
    If you wish to know the details of an exclusive sales offer, contact our specialist.

Option B:

We are interested in buying a car wash

  • with the land
  • on leasehold lands with a lease agreement of at least 5 years
  • equipment for second-hand car washes – quick completion of a transaction or consignment payment depending on the offer

Option C:

  1. PLN 760 net for 4 months – a featured ad on with promotion on our Facebook profile and handing your offer over to our salespeople who will actively search for customers interested in buying second-hand car washes

+48 508 194 825

We need a detailed description of your car wash along with (high resolution) images from the outside and inside of your car wash with sub-assemblies – see examples. The following information is required:

  • Manufacturer
  • Type and model
  • Year of production
  • Number of stations
  • Type of boiler (gas, oil, electric)
  • Number and type of washing programmes
  • Additional functionalities
  • Car wash localisation
  • Availability
  • Technical condition
  • Suggested sales price