About us

The market of self-service car washes

Our firm has 20 years of extensive industry experience. Our technicians, engaged salespeople and a group of investors always keen on acquiring car wash. . If for any reason you are going to sell your car wash, do it through us. You can cooperate with us either as an advertiser (there is no more professional place with second-hand car washes) or our partner. We will arrange the sale of your car wash in a comprehensive manner, from designing offers and ads, through full engagement of our salespeople, to a sale agreement and a warranty for the car wash or equipment you want to sell. We provide complete technical, marketing and formal service in terms of legal and notarial aspects.

Purchase of second-hand car washes

Like any technical equipment, a car wash is subject to natural wear after years of use. For this reason, a large number of investors who were one of the first purchasers of car washes, would like to exchange their long-serving equipment for new ones.

Sale of second-hand car washes

Launching a new car wash is a considerable expense that not everyone can afford. Those who wish to invest in this business but do not have sufficient financial means, can consider purchasing a second-hand car wash.


With our auction website kupmyjnie.pl, we respond to the market demand and meet expectations of both groups of investors. We have been operating in the branch of non-contact car washes from the very beginning. kupmyjnie.pl gives us the opportunity to use our extensive experience in selling, building and servicing non-contact car washes.