Our services

Proposals for cooperation

We have prepared the following suggestions for cooperation:

Option A:

  1. Entrust the team of kupmyjnie.pl with the sale of your car wash. Our staff will quote your localisation and possible repairs, which in conjunction with an additional warranty will make your offer more attractive and increase the value of the sale.
  2. kupmyjnie.pl takes over the sale of your car wash on an exclusive basis. We will deal with the repairs and cover the equipment with a warranty. Our staff will prepare any documents necessary to create the best offer, and find investors interested in the purchase. The term of the agreement is 6 months.
    If you wish to know the details of an exclusive sales offer, contact our specialist.

Option B:

We are interested in buying a car wash

  • with the land
  • on leasehold lands with a lease agreement of at least 5 years
  • equipment for second-hand car washes – quick completion of a transaction or consignment payment depending on the offer

Option C:

  1. PLN 340 net for 4 months – a basic ad on kupmyjnie.pl
  2. PLN 760 net for 4 months – a featured ad on kupmyjnie.pl with promotion on our Facebook profile and handing your offer over to our salespeople who will actively search for customers interested in buying second-hand car washes

Exchange of equipment for new ones

Would you like to exchange your equipment for a new one and sell your old equipment? We cooperate with renown manufacturers of car washes in the Polish market. It is possible to leave your old equipment in lieu of new equipment. Contact our advisor and learn more about this practice.

Investment security

kupmyjnie.pl offers second-hand car washes covered by the service warranty.

Technical and sales counselling

Do you need any advice on selling or investing in a car wash? Contact us. Our staff are experts with extensive experience in non-contact car washes.

Expert opinions and quotes

Do you wish to buy a second-hand car wash but you are not sure if it is worth its price? Our staff will carry out a reliable technical assessment of your machine and tell you what repairs are required.

Technical inspections and repairs

Does your car wash require repairing or you need professional service? We offer professional technical inspections and repairs. These services are provided by experienced service technicians and are necessary if you want to buy a second-hand car wash. Our service technicians carry out inspections with due diligence, which significantly reduces the probability of future failures and ensures the effective performance of your car wash for many years.

Installation and de-installation of car washes

Are you looking for a company that will install your equipment in a professional manner? We install new and second-hand car washes, offer affordable services and have extensive experience in building non-contact car washes.

Expansions and modifications of equipment

Do you want your new car wash to catch up with the competition? We offer expansion services, such as installations of brush and active foam washing systems, contactless payment, payment with electronic keys.

Renovations of outside walls

Do you wish to improve the look of your car wash? We offer comprehensive restoration services for exterior walls, e.g. painting and wrapping. We have ready-made graphic designs that we can use in machine renovation.

Additional accessories

Do you want to enrich your offer with additional elements and equipment? We cooperate with companies manufacturing additional self-service machines and car wash equipment. Our wide offer contains vacuum cleaners, compressors, windshield washer fluid dispensers, rug-beating stands, various kinds of handles, etc.